Sunday, 15 August 2010


Another personal project which started out life as a sketch more than 5 years ago. Upon re-visiting the sketch i decided to update the design & set about sculpting.

I used sculpey firm for the body, Jetpack & cannon. I think i spent just under 2 weeks refining the sculpt & pose.

Ideally i should have scratch built & directly modeled the cannon & Jetpack but i was intrigued to see how good i could model the parts in sculpey. And it was good practice. I wanted the Jetpack to slightly resemble a hornet or other similar winged insect. I gave the cannon comic book proportions of firepower!

I completed the sculpt by adding accessories such as webbing pouches & some suitably sized shells for the cannon.

The base was created by using regular super sculpey over a cat food bowl. He wasn't impressed!

Once baked it was time for painting. I did a couple of paint job variations in photoshop to put me in the right direction.

The finished model was painted with acrylics using a selection of various blue's & grey's for the armour which i weathered with silver scratches to give it a nice worn feel.

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