Monday, 16 August 2010

Roman General

This was a personal project done with super sculpey. The figure is 30cm tall.

Judge Dredd (work in progress)

I'm a MASSIVE fan of Judge Dredd & as such have decided to sculpt him in action arresting two perps. This has been something of a labour of love for me. I started it in 2008 as what was meant to be a quick sketch sculpt of a random 18 inch figure just to see how quickly I could do it! Then I decided to make that figure into Judge Dredd......then I decided to add another figure..........then I decided to add ANOTHER! As the ambition grew it became something that I would work on from time to time inbetween paid sculpting work. Then I would get side tracked by other projects & then would come back to Dredd, often after long periods, & would find myself resculpting what I had previously done as I felt it was now inferior due to being several months, then eventually years old! I finally finished all the sculpting early this year (2013) & got it all moulded & cast out in resin.......that was sold to a guy in Spain! I still don't have one for myself!! As soon as I get some downtime then I will cast one out for me & paint it up. In the meantime you can see what the finished model looks like without paint from this test fitting I did to make sure it all fit together before I sent it to Spain!
 Trouble is I STILL see loads of stuff I want to change! Oh well..........

And here you can see the original work in progress..........................

Some close up shots. The badge was created digitally & printed out on a 3d printer.

These early photos show the rough composition of how the finished thing will look.

The first Perp is pretty much finished & will be moulded in the near future. Heres some photos of him as he is at the moment......

The second Perp is still only in the rough blocked out phase. Hopefully i'll get round to working on him soon! In the meantime heres a couple of videos. The first is the resin Judge Dredd & the second was done way back when was still roughing everything out. Enjoy!!

He will be THE LAW!!!........


Here's a selection of other polycarving work. The above Totem was created for a kid's adventure park. It was deemed a bit too disturbing.

These arches were created for a shopping centre christmas display. This is what it looked like before it had been dressed with christmas by the dressers.

We also created a small street of christmas houses for another shopping centre that was populated by singing gnomes.

National Geographic

Three of us spent 3 days polycarving this tail of a Blue Whale. It was to be placed in The Serpentine in Hyde Park as an April fools prank & to promote National Geographics new season of Whale related programmes.

The completed sculpture was covered in tin foil, which took a day, to act as a barrier between the polystyrene & fibreglass that would go on top.

Once the fibreglassing was done it was cleaned up, artworked & placed in the lake.

QBE Giant Rugby Ball

I was part of a small team that created a 4 meter tall rugby ball to promote QBE sponsoring the new season.

CNC sections were cut from polystyrene & were assembled together & tidied up. Once completed this was hardcoated & finished.

The ball was then masked up & painted to match the reference ball we had. The idea was to make it look like it had impacted into the pavement so mdf "slabs" were cut & painted to match the location where the ball would be installed. With vinyl logos added the ball was placed on site.
24 hrs later, having served it's purpose, we came back & took it down.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Another personal project which started out life as a sketch more than 5 years ago. Upon re-visiting the sketch i decided to update the design & set about sculpting.

I used sculpey firm for the body, Jetpack & cannon. I think i spent just under 2 weeks refining the sculpt & pose.

Ideally i should have scratch built & directly modeled the cannon & Jetpack but i was intrigued to see how good i could model the parts in sculpey. And it was good practice. I wanted the Jetpack to slightly resemble a hornet or other similar winged insect. I gave the cannon comic book proportions of firepower!

I completed the sculpt by adding accessories such as webbing pouches & some suitably sized shells for the cannon.

The base was created by using regular super sculpey over a cat food bowl. He wasn't impressed!

Once baked it was time for painting. I did a couple of paint job variations in photoshop to put me in the right direction.

The finished model was painted with acrylics using a selection of various blue's & grey's for the armour which i weathered with silver scratches to give it a nice worn feel.