Sunday, 15 August 2010


Here's a guy i created as a personal project. I pretty much made him up as i went along really. I spent about 3 days on the clay sculpt & used marbles for the eyes. The teeth were made from sculpey which i removed from the finished sculpt & baked hard.

I messed around with various designs & colour schemes in photoshop until i had something i was happy with.

A plaster mould was made & latex was poured inside & dried until thick enough. The resulting cast was tidied up & painted with a 50/50 mix of acrylic paint & pros-aide. Seeing as though i was making it up as i went i decided to go for a different paint job than the photoshop version though the hair remained the same.

Glass eyes from a taxidermy supplier were inserted in place of the marbles & the sculpey teeth were glued back in. I cut up an old wig & attached the hair which was then cut to match the photoshop image. I applied gloss varnish to the mouth & nostrils & manked up his hair with styling wax to make it look greasy.

He sits atop my speaker next to my desk!

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