Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Here you can see a choice selection of my work as it appears in my portfolio.
 If there's something that you like or that is of interest to you then click the link & that will take you to a more detailed post about it that'll have pictures of the creative process as well as youtube videos etc.
 This page will be updated as & when my actual portfolio that i show to employers gets updated. Enjoy :)

Batman Live:

BioHazard Combat Armour:

Stark Expo 2010:

Roman General:

The Punisher:


Judge Dredd - Space Marine Work in Progress:

Mean Machine Angel:


Various PolySculpting:

Wrath of the Titans:

Mould making etc......

2000ad inspired digital painting.....i painted over photos of sculpts i did......

Beginnings of a Warhammer 40k comic i started many moons ago for a bit of fun....


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mean Machine Angel

I'm currently going through a bit of a 2000AD phase. I also need to fill a space on my wall above the TV so i thought I'd combine the two & make myself a mean machine head butting through the wall.

 At the moment he's just at the clay sculpt phase but is ready to be moulded & cast. I've also done a quick colouring in job in photoshop over the sculpture.......just to see what it might look like really.

The embed option doesnt seem to be working so a link will have to suffice for now until i figure it out......not that anyone ever actually comes here! :)