Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Archives of Randomness

This section is dedicated to all the random things ive made over the years that have been hanging around in my computer doing nothing at all. Contained within this vault are sculptures, props, dodgy monsters, artwork & all manner of other things, some of which should probably stay unseen.....
The above fellow is Shorrok the Berserker. I sculpted him in a day & mould & cast him the next day, just in time for my friends Halloween party. The look was completed with some plastic skulls, swords, axes as well as a rented Planet of the Apes costume (gorilla warrior i believe) & a Dracula cape from Woolworths.

Staying with the dodgy monsters for a moment I present to you my first ever "professional" creature. The Cobald Necromancer as (un)seen in Dungoens & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God. At the time (2004) i thought it was brilliant. Now....well, i like the T-Shirt im wearing.

Ok. I feel i should show you something decent after those last pics. The chap below was created for my final year degree show back in 2002. I made a bedroom for him as well but the only photo that remains is the one i took of him in my old student bedroom.

Next up is something i did for a kids entertainer. He had a weird robot parrot thing that he wanted to be a baby dragon hatching out of an egg. So i took his parrot & sculpted this on top of it. I was looking forward to moulding it but the guy vanished off the face of the earth so it never came to pass.

Staying with the Dragon theme, heres another one i did to pass the time when i was learning how to work with Super Sculpey.

Im a bit of a Warhammer geek & i once sculpted a bust of a Lizardman Saurus Warrior. Its still at my mums house on a shelf in her garage. Its in pretty good shape so next time i visit i might bring it home so i can mould it.

Next up is a Batfink collectible i did for a company many years ago. I say company but it was in fact a guy in his conservatory. He asked me if i could sculpt the figure in 5 days. Thinking i'd be working in sculpey or plastiline i said "yeah no problem". Then he gave me a load of the hardest wax ive ever used. It was like rock. It took me 8 days to finish it!! I think i could have done it quicker if id chiseled it from marble. That was many moons ago & im now quicker with wax!

Next up is a trio of characters from the pages of 2000ad. Joe Pineapples - sharpshooter of the ABC Warriors, sculpted with super sculpey & added old bolts & cocktail sticks in the throat to look like robotic parts. Mean Machine Angel - psychotic head buttist from the wastes of the cursed earth, plastiline sculpt that i just painted straight onto with acrylic paints. And last of all Sharky - leader of the Ozzy Osbourne Bad Boys. Plastiline sculpt.

Heres something id forgotten all about. When i was making the BioHazard armour the students asked me if i could also make a mutant for them. I said it was unlikely as the armour was taking up all my time but i did a small maquette anyway. The idea was that it was going to be a pullover rubber mask that would only be glimpsed quickly. I was inspired by The Thing & Wicked City. Time & money restraints meant that it necer happened.

I did this mourning angel figure after id made some of the crappest shit of my life. A company that will remain unnamed asked me to sculpt about 5 differnt angel figures on tombs in about a week. Needless to say they didnt come out too well, though the guy i was doing them for thought they were amazing.....but he's the kind of guy that thinks anything is amazing as long as it will make him rich. Anyway, embarrassed to be associated with his tat i made a decent version of my favourite angel at home for my own satisfaction. I dont think the entrepreneur ever got rich.

I did this little fella as a present for my cousin. Super Sculpey baked & painted.

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