Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wrath of the Titans

2011 got off to a good start as i was lucky enough to work in the prosthetics department for Wrath of the Titans. Its not out till March 30th so i cant show any of the dodgy photos that i took whilst trying not to get into trouble for it. Needless to say i took about 3 & theyre not very good anyway. Until then heres some posters & the trailer which features absolutely nothing that i made.

Feel the Wrath......


I can now safely report that:
 a) not only was the film pants (within 5 minutes of the crew screening finishing I'd pretty much forgotten that I'd seen it!), but
b) absolutely NOTHING that i helped to create made it in to the final cut of the film. That's show business I suppose!

So anyway here's some of those dodgy secret photos I took whilst trying not to get caught. We made prop bodies of the emaciated Gods of Olympus who had been captured by Hades & fused into the volcanic rock so they could have their powers drained to feed Kronos..........but no one will ever know that. Or care.

It paid my rent for a bit.............

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