Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Crypt Monster Maquette

A friend of mine was art directing a low budget horror film & contacted me about some props & effects that he needed. He also sent me some artwork of the creature (picture above - i DID NOT draw it!!) that would be created with CGI. My housemate was keen to provide the FX needed (a simple spike that was to look like it had impaled an unfortunate cast member) & i jokingly said "I'll sculpt a maquette of the creature if you want". He said yes.
As he couldnt pay me for it he was happy for m to do it as & when i had the time. So i did bits when i could over a 2 week period. The time spent on it adds up to about a week. I did it with a mix of Super Sculpey & Super Sculpey Firm.

Although the director was apparently thrilled to be getting this unexpected toy & loved what i'd done no one ever came to collect it & to this day its sat on a shelf gathering dust......

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