Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Digital Sculpts

A couple of years ago I started exploring the digital realm with Zbrush & I have to say it was highly addictive. Unfortunately my old & knackered PC couldnt cope with my digital ambition & decided to die under the strain of my ever more complex adventures as i chose to sprint before i could walk!
After a few dodgy test runs I sat down to create my first "proper" digital sculpt, which can be seen here. A human head that i pretty much made up out of no where......

Satisfied that i knew what i was doing i set about recreating a sculpt i had done earlier with sculpey. It was a random Vampire creature that i did as a bit of fun.

His digital cousin ended up looking like a weird Rabbit!

Undeterred i decided that i was now ready to create my masterpiece which was to be based on this piece of Warhammer 40,000 art from the comic "Lone Wolves".

I started with the head & even coloured it in!

I was rather happy with my recreation of Skold Greypelt & started on his body. This is when my lack of a true understanding of how to use Zbrush resulted in my PC giving up, never to work again!
I plan to revisit the digital world in the near future & relearn all the stuff ive now forgotten so i might finish my Space Marine..............

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